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ezcash's Journal

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Paid To Be
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Listen up all you people who like MLM and want to be paid to be on line. This journal community is made for you- that's right- YOU!

What did you do today to make money from the cozy quiet corner of your PC? What goes through your mind as you do these programs? Do you even care? Do you wanna vent? Is there something that is working out sweetly or something that's making you want to bang your fist into the wall and scream bloody murder?

Don't kick the dog. Get it out here. Get it all out.

And if you don't know what MLM or the "get paid" community is, well, all I can say is, "Darlin' you're miss'n da boat." Yes, a boat is pulling out and you're not on it. Why not? Well, maybe you don't even know that the boat is docked and asking you to get on.

Just in case you are interested, "get paid" is a whole bunch of people out there in cyberspace who have signed up for programs that will either pay you to read e-mail, pay you to shop, pay you to surf, pay you to..... do whatever. There's a whole bunch of people who have dedicated themselves to weeding out the bad programs (the ones that don't pay or don't do anything), and this little journal editor also has a hand in the stew trying to do that as well. People who have been doing this for a while and who actually have been getting paid have tips, strategies, ways to go about getting people help them earn even more money through the power of network marketing.

And that, my friend (yes, we want you to be our friend, so don't be shy, just sign up this community as one of your friends, go ahead), is what being online is all about.

Now ya'all might be skeptical- yeah have to admit that I was too, but I'm telling you, honest to goodness, if you want to spend just about 1-2 hours a day (and that's all it takes), you can make yourself a tidy little second income. And it doesn't cost you a cent- just time, that's it.

Now why would you want to flip burgers when you can get involved with one of the fastest growing communities on the internet who have already been there done that and can show you the way? Oh yes, we are just itching to show the way- you'll see.

Still don't know, or sitting on the fence, or think we've lost our mind? Nah- haven't. Still got it. I swear, it's all in one piece.

But if you're having trouble boarding the boat, you are free to check out the little web site I designed (along with a little help from my friend) and really take a good hard look at what I do and why I put this community here at Live Journal. It's a little pet project I like to call The Get Paid Project, and here's the address:


Now it aint noth'n fancy or noth'n- just a hobby, that's all. But me and my friend are make'n money from it, and darl'n, that's really all there is to it.

Join up with us- become a friend-become a member-this community welcomes all takers. And even if making a second free income from the internet isn't your bag, I'd still like you to join this group, hear?

Maybe ya'all got some other story about something else that involved get'n paid, say, you didn't get your allowance this week 'cause you did something bad, or maybe your boss fired you, or something else like that. Maybe you're an exotic dancer and this smelly disgusting looking guy keeps trying to stuff a $20 in your garter belt. All of you people are welcome here as well, 'cause Honey, t'all don't mattah none. Fahgettaboutit. When you hang with Paid To Be, you hang with the best. '

You can let it all out here, and you'll have a friend, promise.

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